Marsha Turkey T-shirts

Marsha Turkey T-shirts


Limited Edition 50x Black

All proceeds after costs go to FRIEND Animal Sanctuary

  • Vegan

  • Water based inks

  • Organic cotton

  • Eco friendly Continental t-shirts

About Marsha

For close friends of the sanctuary you will know that we recently lost one of our dear turkeys. Her name was Marsha and she was incredibly sweet and gentle. Because of a botched debeaking as a tiny young bird she found it very hard to peck from the ground and much preferred to be hand fed softer food. She seemed to like to be stroked and you could often find her singing to herself, or grooming one of the chickens. It was a shock when she passed, we miss her and there is a gaping Marsha shaped empty space at the front of the sanctuary where she used to be.

We have in her honour created some t-shirts using the beautiful artwork of one of our supporters Hannah Waterfall (instagram: @allbeingsart) We hope you love them 💖

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