Little Goat Girls

In the same week that we welcomed Avocado the piglet to the sanctuary we also welcomed 4 little baby goats. Ama, Astrid, Freya and Hella.

They were part of a big UK rescue of 98 baby goats from a goat dairy farm that was closing down. Horribly the mothers were sold for slaughter but the babies were all re-homed in sanctuaries and Friend was lucky to rescue our 4 beautiful girls.

They are a bit tricky to tell apart. Hella is easy as she has a stripe down her back (admittedly as she gets older that is fading though)! She is also the cheekiest and bravest of them all, always getting into mischief!

Freya has a lovely peachy creamy coloured head, and a little notch on the front of her left horn.

Ama has darker horns, and Astrid is the one left with no particular identifying features… See if you can tell them apart from this description next time you see them.